The island

One of Brazil´s most unspoilt paradise islands lies in the Tinharé archipelago off the Dende Palm Coast about one hundred and fifty kilometres south of Salvador and far off the beaten track. Take a small plane from Salvador to the charming, little airport in a palm grove or take a speedboat down the Inferno River – it is well worth the effort crotian women.

With the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Inferno River Estuary on the other, this island is of rare natural beauty and home to a great variety of ecosystems; and it is protected as part of the Bahia Environmental Protection area. Its dense rainforest, wild beaches and reefs, palm groves, salt marshes, sand dunes and mangroves make it a world of ecological diversity. The reef pools are home to coral , algae, molluscs, sea urchins, starfish and fish and the spawning eggs of sea turtles can be found on more isolated beaches. The forested areas of the island are home to numerous species of birds, armadillos, reptiles, sloths and foxes. There are no cars on the island and transport is on foot, on horseback, by boat or by tractor.

Being only 12º south of the equator, this tropical island has warm, sunny weather and bright, blue skies almost all year round. June is the only rainy month. If it rains at any time during the rest of the year, it is normally during the night or in the early morning, and by noon, the sun is shining again.

When the Portuguese Jesuits landed on this remote island in the early 16th century, it was inhabited by the Tupinamba Indians. Both the indigenous peoples and the settlers took advantage of the clear, warm waters inside the island reefs to catch a wide variety of fish and seafood including octopus, oysters, lobster, prawns, crabs and clams. In the little fishing village of Moreré freshly- caught fish and seafood can still be enjoyed in the small beach restaurants, either grilled or fried or cooked in the delicious coconut milk and rich Dende palm oil from the island.

And the village

When you arrive at the Boipeba island pier, you can take a small speedboat or a tractor to Moreré.

The village of Moreré is located on the beach in a quiet bay on the east coast of the island. It is home to about two hundred friendly, happy islanders who are fishermen or who work at the small hotels and beach restaurants.

Far from the maddening crowds, Moreré is the most beautiful and wild place on the island. It is also very safe. There are no large hotels or resorts here. The small number of pousadas cater for independent travellers looking for something different.

Apart from its own reef beaches, the two most beautiful beaches on the island, Bainema and Cueira, are within easy walking distance. The island´s natural reef pools are in front of Moreré, only twenty minutes away in a canoe, and the breath-taking Castelhanos estuary beach and reef pool are a short speedboat trip away.

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